What is NeuroStar Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)?

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, or TMS, uses focused magnetic pulses to reignite dormant synapses in your brain, leading to improved function. Mood regulation is intricately linked to certain areas in your brain, and when synapses become underactive, it can lead to depression.

Other Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About TMS

Yes, NeuroStar works to help treat major depressive disorder (MDD). Specific benefits of TMS therapy include:
– It is safe for pregnant and nursing mothers
– It is safe if you are taking medications for other health conditions
– There is no sedation, anesthesia, or recovery time
– It does not have the common side effects associated with traditional antidepressant medication, including insomnia, blurred vision, dry mouth, sexual dysfunction, GI distress, and more.
– You get fast results. TMS is an in-office treatment lasting as little as 19 minutes a day for six weeks. Because TMS therapy addresses the root cause of depression, you could get your life back within two months.
– Our knowledgeable Franklin team is available to answer any questions you may have about Neurostar Advanced TMS therapy and how it works.

TMS treatment usually lasts between 19 minutes to 37 minutes for each session, spread out over a span of 7 weeks.

NeuroStar TMS treatment is a safe, non-invasive alternative to antidepressants. Unlike drugs and electro-shock therapy, which often cause more problems, TMS offers a pathway to healing without the negative side effects.

Yes, NeuroStar TMS treatment is covered by most major insurance providers for the treatment of MDD and MDD with anxious depression.

Ask About NeuroStar Advanced TMS Therapy in Franklin Today

If you are dealing with clinical depression that does not respond to counseling, drugs, or other procedures, it might be time to consider NeuroStar Advanced TMS Therapy in Franklin as a gentle and effective alternative.
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During that time, it was probably the darkest time in my life. I was sad and miserable all the time. Before when I was going through depression, I felt hopeless. Since TMS, my perspective on life has been so positive that I know there is hope.


I always felt that the staff were there to support me completely through follow-up sessions and trying to make me comfortable. TMS exceeded my wildest expectations. Almost immediately the world looked bright and new.


I was severely depressed over a period of three years. I tried several antidepressants but nothing really seemed to work. By the end of the TMS treatment, things were better than I could have imagined. It could actually get better and that I had more to look forward to.

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NeuroStar Indication

The Neurostar Advanced Therapy System is indicated for the treatment of depressive episodes and for decreasing anxiety symptoms for those who may exhibit comorbid anxiety symptoms in adult patients suffering from major depressive Disorder (MDD) and who failed to achieve satisfactory improvement from previous antidepressant medication treatment in the current episode.
The NeuroStar Advanced Therapy is only available by prescription. A doctor can help decide if NeuroStar Advanced Therapy is right for you Patients’ results may vary. Visit for full safety and prescribing information.